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Fri Feb 17 19:24:58 MET 2006

>> If you don't want to store your descriptions externally
>> (ReferenceStreams, Magma, OmniBase, ...) you can also use plain
>> blocks, that is maybe easier most of the time.
> When does one would want to store his descriptions ?

If you let your end-users build their own forms.

We once wrote a workflow definition and runtime engine at nestyle.ch  
using Magritte, where the users could build their own forms and  
define validation conditions on the form elements, all  from the web- 
browser without programming knowledge. The meta-model is then stored  
in OmniBase. That's way I payed so much attention to make everything  
serialize-able. That being possible is one of the key advantages of  
Magritte over other meta frameworks, e.g., Mewa expects a lot of  
blocks everywhere.

As I said previously, you are not forced to worry about theses  
things, it is more of a technical than a design question: since I  
this is Smalltalk you can exchange conditions and use block-closures  
polymorphic. Each of the approaches has its own (dis-)advantages.


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